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Heated Under the Spotlight

Heated Under the Spotlight // Yesung x Kibum, Donghae x Hyukjae, Heechul x Hangeng, Donghae x Sungmin, Zhou Mi x Henry, Kyuhyun x Ryeowook
BOB! AU // PG- PG-13 for now (will go up later)
Yesung and Kibum slowly find themselves getting closer. But you're not suppose to fall for the competition. You're supposed to crush them.



“Kyuhyun I really think you should be nicer to people.” Ryeowook frowned at him in disappointment in reference to his earlier behavior towards the other group. For the past year and a half he had known Kyuhyun he wanted to younger to grow out of that ‘I hate the world and all of its inhabitants phase’ but it seemed as if with the more years that went by, the more he pushed people away. He remembered the day he and Kyuhyun met, introduced by Jongwoon who somehow met the boy at a college seminar. Apparently Kyuhyun was some kind of near genius who graduated early and wasted his intelligence by having no job. But Jongwoon had introduced them with smiles, warning Ryeowook that Kyuhyun had a bit of a temper but Ryeowook didn’t realize it as that big of a temper.

At the time, he thought Kyuhyun was one of those kids who fed into that depressed, against society fad and he was okay with that. Since he was Jongwoon’s friend he was going to put it aside because Jongwoon was his best friend since forever and a friend of Jongwoon’s was a friend of his. After a while, that while being a good two months, Kyuhyun started to open up, and even showed signs of softening towards Ryeowook and the latter felt that maybe he was going to perhaps finally see the Kyuhyun that befriended Jongwoon. And he did. He started see Kyuhyun as this sweet misunderstood boy, someone who perhaps really did carry the weight of the world on his shoulders but still managed to pull through alright. He started to see how Kyuhyun really was pretty smart and also a little bit of a dork who said random things without thinking and at the wrong times. That was the Kyuhyun he fell in love with. But then it was like he regressed into who he was when they first met.

He disappeared for a week, telling him and Jongwoon that his family was complaining about how they didn’t spend quality time together anymore. When he came back, he hated everyone again. He treated Jongwoon like crap – but he always had done so. That was nothing new. – but then he also started acting like Ryeowook didn’t exist. And when he did acknowledge Ryeowook’s existence it was only to push him away. Ryeowook assumed Kyuhyun found out about his feelings and was disgusted but then he was told that Kyuhyun wasn’t straight himself and nothing made sense after that.

Kyuhyun turned to him with a scowl, crossing his arms over his chest. “And I really think you should get off my case. My life isn’t yours to fix.” He said in a tone that made Ryeowook wince but the elder noticed that he wasn’t as tense or angry as he usually is. That he was calming down and his temper wasn’t as bad as it usually was. And that made him smile for a little bit.

“And can you not stare at me like that? I hate the feeling of eyes on my face.”

Ryeowook blinked. “But my eyes aren’t technically on your face.” He paused to grin a little bit, hoping to take the calmness of the younger to his advantage. “I mean, I could be breathing down your neck.” He moved in closer, nose practically brushing the warm skin of Kyuhyun’s cheek. He inhaled the scent of the other. It was the smell of his laundry detergent and whatever shampoo he used this morning but Ryeowook loved it. “Like this.”

“Ryeowook you have five seconds to get away from me before I break your neck.” Ryeowook looked up after the warning, hearing the tenseness return to Kyuhyun’s voice. It wasn’t an empty threat. He contemplated placing a hopeful kiss along the younger’s jawline but moved away without doing so, preferring that his body stay unharmed. Deciding that he should distance them further, he stood.

“I really miss you Kyuhyun. The real you.” He smiled sadly before he waved goodbye, leaving Kyuhyun in the hallway outside the practice room. He missed the Kyuhyun he fell in love with, but he could wait until he came back.


“Donghae, either get the steps right or get out.”

The fishy boy furrowed his brows, looking up from where he collapsed on the floor in exhaustion. Hyukjae wasn’t playing around today in his teaching of the new choreography. The dance wasn’t even hard but when you have someone forcing you to redo the steps seven times in a row your body starts to feel like jelly.

“Hyukjae, you can’t be serious.” He gaped at the glare his boyfriend gave him while the other two in the room crowded around the water dispenser. They had long since found another practice room on another floor even though the company desired for teams to share rooms in order to practice with each other. And ever since they decided that they didn’t want to focus on the song first and instead learn the dance, Hyukjae had been working them to death. Donghae couldn’t stand for ten seconds without someone holding him up and now Hyukjae was punishing him? What was up with that?

Hyukjae raised his right eyebrow and pressed play on the stereo and the room filled with the same hard beats that have been replayed for the past hour and a half. “I’m more than serious. Now get up and run through it again. I’m not going to have you messing this next performance and getting us eliminated.”

“Woah woah woah, wait a minute.” Donghae planting his hands on the glossy flooring and forcing himself up. He stared at his boyfriend in mixed confusion and anger, his brows knitting together slowly. “Why don’t you get on Kibum about not getting that spin right or Shindong about being a half-step too slow? I’m not the only one making mistakes here.”

“No but you’re making the biggest mistakes.” Hyukjae countered.

“No, Hyukjae, I’m not. You’re yelling at me because my arms are a little on the floppy side and because you’re being a girl and bringing our personal life into something that is totally irrelevant. You shouldn’t even be complaining to me right now because I said I was sorry and it was an accident for God’s sake. Do I need to say it again? I AM SORRY.”

The elder male scoffed and rolled his eyes and Donghae felt his anger flare. “Being sorry is all fine and dandy but you still need to do the dance correctly.”

Shaking his head, Donghae stomped over to his sports bag and slung it over his shoulder.

“And where do you think you’re going. I said run the dance again.”

The younger could only chuckle humorlessly as he walked towards the door, flinging it open. “I can’t even deal with you right now.” He was already tense because of Kyuhyun earlier and now this with Hyukjae. He just needed some place to relax and totally forget about the world. “Have fun with the rest of practice.” His tone was blank as he left, closing the door softly behind him even though he wanted so badly to slam it shut.


“When you said you’d call earlier I didn’t think you’d call before practice was even over.” Jongwoon smiled, holding the phone with his left hand while trying to direct Kyuhyun and Ryeowook wordlessly with the other hand.

“Yeah, well, Donghae just stormed out and Hyukjae looks like he’s ready to explode. Shindong and I are just sort of trying not to make Hyukjae any angrier.”

Jongwoon sighed when Kyuhyun did the exact opposite of what he tried to motion him to do. “It isn’t exactly paradise over here either. Kyuhyun is treating Ryeowook as if he has the plague.” He moved the phone away from his mouth. “Kyuhyun you’re supposed to look at Ryeowook sweetly while you’re singing. For a more … soft caring effect. Don’t scare the poor boy with your glares.” Jongwoon rolled his eyes when Kyuhyun flipped him off. “Whatever, just look at him nicely.”

“Doesn’t sound anything close to paradise.” He heard Kibum’s laugh on the line and it brought a smile to his face. He sort of loved that laugh.

But then the day’s earlier events came back to him. “Told you.” He paused. “So what did you talk to Kyuhyun about?”

“Oh, nothing. I just said that he had no reason to trying to start a fight with our group. Stuff like that.” Jongwoon could imagine Kibum shrugging then, but it didn’t sound like he was lying – even though he was. Perhaps it was just one of those things that he had no business asking questions about. And not wanting to inquire about the wrong subject, he decided to let his curiosity fade for the moment.

“Alright then. I’m sorry about his behavior. Kyu’s not exactly the type to listen to others.”

“I’ve noticed.” A pause. “I’ll talk to you later, okay. You wouldn’t even be able to imagine the tension in this room right now.”

Jongwoon nodded even though the other wouldn’t be able to see it. The two said their goodbyes and soon Jongwoon was sighing at his phone. He was going to forget what he eavesdropped on now…but he was going to find out more later.


"Donghae?" Sungmin blinked, rubbing his eyes for good measure. This had to be an illusion because there would be no way for Donghae to be standing on his doorstep. Donghae was trying his best to ignore him and salvage his relationship with Hyukjae. Donghae was always trying to say that he was loyal to Hyukjae. Donghae was on his doorstep. "What are you doing here?"

The younger takes his eyes off his shoes to look at Sungmin. He smiled sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. "Hey. I know it’s sort of a surprise but can I come in?”
Sungmin stared at the man in front of him, taking in the laidback attire, the sports bag, and the wild hair. He found that he quite liked Donghae’s hair when it was messed up, wondering to himself what it’d be like to see him like that waking up. Shaking his head, he nodded, still confused.

“Uh, yeah of course. Come on in.” He stepped out of the doorway, allowing Donghae to walk past him. Peeking outside to check to make sure Hyukjae wasn’t going to pop out of nowhere, when he saw no one else was outside, Sungmin frowned and closed the door.

He found Donghae sitting on his white leather couch in the central room, glancing around at everything as if he didn’t see it all when he came for the party. Sungmin leaned against the doorway and Donghae turned to him.

“I didn’t really look at your house the first time I was here. It’s nice.” The younger smiled and Sungmin nodded, still not comprehending why the man he was trying to seduce was in his house of his own accord.

“Thank you. Are you hungry? Should I prepare tea? I have –

Donghae held up a hand, cutting Sungmin off. “Do you have anything alcoholic?”


I think this is the shortest chapter of this fic, but I hope the somewhat boring content makes up for it.

Tags: au, length: chaptered, rating: pg13, titanic: haemin, titanic: hyukhae, titanic: kisung, titanic: kyuwook

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