up in dat maple syrup (frenchtoast) wrote,
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Unexpected // no pairing
Crack, Genderswitch // PG
Eunsook walks in on Gwiboon giving Minjung a very important lecture. Minjung is obviously too cool to care, Eunsook doesn't want to get involved, and Gwiboon is forever classy.



“I am disappointed in you.” Gwiboon starts, her eyes narrowed and lips pressed into a firm line.

Eunsook walks into the living room and catches Gwiboon with her hands on her hips and shakes her head, deciding not to step into the minefield before her as she slips into the kitchen.

“Out of the five of us, you were the last person I expected to get knocked up.” Gwiboon scolds, brushing her blond hair out her face with an angry huff. “I could expect this from Junghee and Taeyeon, even Eunsook,” she says, waving towards the kitchen.

The eldest girl walks out of the kitchen with a martini glass full of water in her grasp. She sips at it idly. “Don’t include me in this.”

“If you would kindly shut your whore mouth I could continue with my nagging.”

Eunsook rolls her eyes and sits on the dining table.

Gwiboon turns back to an uninterested Minjung. “Explain yourself.”

Minjung scoffs and crosses her arms over her chest. “You’re not my mother.” She says, pushing herself up from the couch and brushing past a scandalized Gwiboon.

“And where do you think you’re going? Hey! Choi Minjung! Eunsook you can’t sit here and watch her walk away.” Gwiboon screeches while Minjung grabs her jacket and walks out the door.

Eunsook swirls her water around in the glass. “No, no, I think I can.”

Gwiboon puts her hand to her head like she’s going to faint. “I need peppermint tea.”

“I thought you would. It’s on the counter.” Eunsook says and Gwiboon wastes no time in shuffling into the kitchen. The elder girl follows her in. “And plus, I don’t know why you’re freaking out. You’ll have a baby to fawn over in about nine months.”

Raising an eyebrow, Gwiboon nurses her tea. “Personally, I don’t think her baby will be all that cute. I refuse to take care of her ET spawn.”

Eunsook blinks and pats Gwiboon on the shoulder. “Stay classy, Boonie.”

Gwiboon flips her hair out of her face. “Always.”


Tags: au, genre: crack, other: genderswitch, rating: pg, titanic: none, x.shinee, ○unexpected

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