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deleted rb ch 5

“He’s such a chicken,” Minhyuk murmurs as he listens to Kihyun’s door click shut.

His housemate has been tip-toeing around the apartment since yesterday, after their ‘bonding’ session, according to Hyungwon, and while Minhyuk thinks Kihyun’s shame is adorable, he also finds it annoying that Kihyun, who is usually so self-assured, won’t face his actions with confidence and a raised chin.

Minhyuk understands. There’s bound to be some discomfort after getting off with his someone else's boyfriend, but no matter how much Hyungwon may have goaded him on, it was still Kihyun’s own conscious decision and it doesn’t make sense to run away now without even confessing that he did something.

Hyungwon looks up, currently curled up into a ball at Minhyuk’s feet. “I wish he wouldn’t think so much.” He sighs and lays his head back down. “He has to know that you’re aware of me coming onto him so I don’t know what the problem is.”

Minhyuk shrugs and leans against the arm rest, fitting his chin in his palm. “Maybe he needs a more direct push.”

“I had my lips on his dick, he heard me moan his name yesterday. I can’t be any more direct unless I sat in his lap and told him to fuck me.”

The drama they were watching starts again after the commercial break but neither care enough about it to pay attention now.

“Yeah, that’s what I meant.”

They crafted this whole plan to fulfill Hyungwon’s desire to have Kihyun, and while things are working fine, Kihyun stays just out of reach. Minhyuk thought it better to take it slow, let Kihyun get used to Hyungwon’s attraction and slowly tear down the walls holding him back, but Kihyun is so stubborn and hellbent on denying what he wants so long as they continue to play this game.

Maybe this is as far as they’ll get like this. Maybe Kihyun needs a definite OK and confirmation that this is something they all want.

Hyungwon hums. “Let’s give him some time to calm down and we’ll see...when he stops avoiding us.”

Minhyuk nods in agreement. They watch the drama in silence for a few minutes before he calls Hyungwon’s name. He waits for his kitten to poke his head up again.

“If he doesn’t want to do this, will you be okay?”

Hyungwon blinks once, twice. Then, he pushes himself up and climbs onto the couch. Leaning into Minhyuk’s side, he lays his ear against his boyfriend’s chest.

“I won’t lie and say I won’t be disappointed if he rejects us. Especially when it seems like he’d be so good.”

Hyungwon raises a hand to fiddle with the star charm hanging from his collar in place of a bell and Minhyuk raises an eyebrow. Hyungwon usually plays with his collars, but with timing and the subject of their conversation, Minhyuk can’t help but wonder just how deep Hyungwon’s want for Kihyun goes.

“But if he doesn’t want to, then he doesn’t want to, and there’d be nothing else to do but accept that,” Hyungwon finishes.

Lifting the arm not holding himself up, Minhyuk circles it around Hyungwon’s shoulder and dips his fingers under the sleeve of his shirt to draw lines in his soft skin. “You say that now but I can already feel you sinking your teeth into me because you’re upset.”

Hyungwon chuckles. “I’d do that anyway because you like it.” He tilts his head up to nip at Minhyuk’s jaw.

Minhyuk returns the laugh as his drags his palm up to rest on Hyungwon’s nape as his boyfriend sits up. He sighs as Hyungwon teethes up to his ear and gently tugs at the lobe. Hyungwon kisses over the bone of Minhyuk’s cheek and bites into the soft flesh affectionately. When Minhyuk begins to stroke the skin of Hyungwon’s neck, pinching the fine hairs curling there, the kitten hums pleased. He finds Minhyuk’s mouth, lips soft and parted around calm exhales, and drags his teeth over the fresh strawberry of his bottom lip.

Angling his head down, Minhyuk seals their mouths together, languidly sliding the tip of his tongue over Hyungwon's like he's trying out of the taste of an ice cream flavor for the first time. He settles a hand, warm and light, over the bone of Hyungwon's hip when his kitty slides over a leg and plants his ass on Minhyuk's thighs.

Hyungwon hums another content purr, fingers dragging and curling where they rest at Minhyuk's shoulders. The sound of the television becomes secondary to the gentle notes of their lazy affection.

A sharp hiss of an inhale makes them separate. They both turn to look at Kihyun who is staring back at them with wide eyes.

Kihyun flinches at the attention before clearing his throat and dropping his eyes to the floor. “Sorry.” He has changed clothes and has a light jacket hanging over his elbow.

“Going somewhere?” Minhyuk asks.

Kihyun nods, still not looking at them. “Yeah. A friend of mine wants to get drinks.”

Both Minhyuk and Hyungwon nod and hum the same noise of disbelief. Hyungwon snorts, tucking his face into Minhyuk’s neck and the pup chuckles as well as he rubs up and down his kitten’s back.

“Alright,” Minhyuk says, not bothering to temper his grin. “Have fun.”

Kihyun blinks. “Uh, yeah...”

Hyungwon shifts in Minhyuk’s lap and looks at Kihyun with a single eye. “But don’t have too much fun.”

Flinching again, Kihyun nods jerkily and turns to leave, moving slow but awkward like he’s forcing himself not to rush. After stuffing his feet into his shoes, Kihyun turns back to look at them. He shakes his head and pulls open the door before scurrying out.

Minhyuk sighs once the door is closed. “I’m annoyed.”

Hyungwon pops his head back up, no longer having a need to snuggle now that Kihyun isn’t there. “He’s annoying,” he agrees. “But it’s one of his charms.”

Normally, Minhyuk would agree with Hyungwon’s second statement, but at the moment he’s not sure. Massaging Hyungwon’s sides, he bounces his legs. “Up. That left me with too much energy. I need to go for a run.”

Hyungwon groans as he rolls off Minhyuk’s lap and onto the next couch cushion. “You’re such a dog.”

Minhyuk leans in to peck Hyungwon’s lips. “You love it.”

Smiling, Hyungwon rolls his eyes fondly. “Go run.”

Minhyuk stands. “Think about what you want to eat. We’ll order when I get back.”

“No, I’m going to order as soon as you leave and tell them to come as soon as possible so it’s lukewarm when you get back.”

“Brat.” Minhyuk pinches Hyungwon’s cheek. “I’ll be back.”

Waving him off, Hyungwon lays down on the couch and gets comfortable. “Bye.”


Kihyun gets back from class in the evening the next day, exhausted and read to go to sleep early. Fortunately, when he walks in, Hyungwon isn’t there. 

Unfortunately, Minhyuk is. 

The businessman cuts in front of Kihyun as he walks to his room and stands in front of his door, blocking his way in.

“Um,” Kihyun fidgets, looking this way and that. “Hello?”

Minhyuk raises his eyebrow and lifts a corner of his lips, smirking in that way that makes Kihyun’s blood rush with suspicion. “I’m setting up the Xbox. Play a little.”

Kihyun scratches at the inside of his elbow. “I’m good. I think I’m just gonna...rest.” He hesitates, becoming uncertain when Minhyuk raises his eyebrow higher as if daring Kihyun to refuse.

Kihyun has never feared anyone other than God and his mother, and he still doesn’t fear Minhyuk, but he does fear whatever Minhyuk is hoping to get out of this — what it’ll lead to. He knows Minhyuk knows about what he did with Hyungwon a few days ago. There’s no way he doesn’t know; Hyungwon has always been loud about his interest in Kihyun. But they’ve yet to confront him about it and Kihyun wonders if now is the questioning he’s been waiting for, dreading, trying to escape by spending as little time as possible in the same room as the couple.

“It’s not like I’m going to keep you up all night.” 

Minhyuk steps away from the door and Kihyun steps away from him.

“Ah-“ Kihyun stumbles forward when Minhyuk grabs his wrist and begins to pull him back down the hall, toward the living room. “Minhyuk, I know you have the spirit of a eight year old and unlimited energy but I’m aging at an exponential rate and require increasing amounts of—“

“Kihyun, shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down,” Minhyuk says. He releases Kihyun’s wrist and tosses a weighty glance toward the couch before crouching in front of the television and switching the cords of their DVD player with those of the game console. 

Minhyuk sighs. “You’re acting like I’m holding you hostage. It’s just a game.”

With the look he gave Kihyun earlier, it’s clearly not ‘just a game’ but Kihyun doesn’t know what it is so he isn’t going to speak any guesses aloud and damn himself when he doesn’t need to. Sighing himself, Kihyun takes a seat on the couch.

He feels outside of himself, unable to get comfortable, and he knows it shows. His back is too straight, shoulders too stiff, thighs pressed together and hands clutched in his lap. When Minhyuk turns around, two controllers held in one hand, and gets a glimpse of Kihyun sitting like a statue on the edge of the couch, he rolls his eyes.

“Really,” he starts as he walks over. “What are you so stressed over?”

The fact that he jerked off to the sound of Hyungwon jerking off to the thought of him? The fact that he wants to fuck him? Or the fact that he kind of wants them to fuck Hyungwon together? Maybe it’s the fact that he wants to hold Hyungwon’s hand while it’s still warm from the heat of Minhyuk’s.

There’s a lot to be stressed over when you think you’re growing feelings for a taken man but you don’t want to break the couple apart. And then there's the cat thing as the overly sweet maraschino cherry on top.

Kihyun doesn’t answer and Minhyuk tosses a controller by his legs before taking a seat himself.

Minhyuk’s voice is gentler, less annoyed, when he speaks again. “You haven’t done anything wrong, okay? So relax and let me beat your ass in this game.”

Blinking, Kihyun finally focuses and looks at the game currently loading into the main menu on their television. Despite the turmoil rolling through him at hearing Minhyuk say he hasn’t done anything wrong, as if Minhyuk doesn’t know what the problem is, he huffs a strained laugh and picks up the controller.

He squeezes it tight because he knows there’s no way he can break it.

Kihyun only expected to play a round or two before escaping with the excuse of catching up on (truthfully) much needed sleep, but before he knows it he and Minhyuk are hissing insults at each other as they aggressively tap buttons and move analog sticks in a cycle of shooting, cheating, and death. 

Nearly an hour into playing, Minhyuk suddenly lies on his side and lifts a leg to shove his foot in Kihyun’s face, his focus on the screen unwavering. 

“What the fuck, Minhyuk.” Kihyun lurches away, wiggling his elbow in the air to fend off Minhyuk’s foot as it blindly searches for him. Toes brush his cheek and Kihyun shoots up off the couch, the movement just enough to make him accidentally make his character move from behind cover and into Minhyuk’s line of fire. 

Minhyuk hoots when Kihyun’s character collapses in a dead heap. 

Kihyun glares at him. “Really,” he deadpans. 

Minhyuk grins wide and sits up. “Yeah.”

Tossing the controller onto the couch, Kihyun reclaims his seat. 

“You’re not ‘beating my ass’ if that’s what you have to do to win.”

Leaving his own controller aside, Minhyuk leans back and rests an arm along the head of the couch. “I was going to take you down either way,” he says.

It’s the truth. Kihyun was in a weird corner that didn’t leave many good exits for when he ran out of ammunition. 

Minhyuk runs his tongue over his bottom lip. “Let this be a lesson to you. Sometimes, when you’re fighting a losing battle, it’s better to give in to what’s naturally going to happen instead of dragging it out. Especially if you're fighting against something you actually want."

"I didn't want to die, nor did I want your feet in my face."

Rolling his eyes, Minhyuk picks up his controller again. "Don't take it so literally."

Kihyun knows better than to ask but he does anyway. "What do I want? If you know everything."

Pausing in choosing a different set up for their next round, Minhyuk glances up at Kihyun who bites his lip. 

"I can't know what you want until you admit to yourself that you want it," Minhyuk says, tone plain but his lips twisted into a small smirk. "So, what do you want, Kihyun?"

They apartment building is quiet and the windows are shut but Kihyun hears the rush of wind and noise in his ears. He thinks of Hyungwon, who he'd love to have on his back, on his knees, in Kihyun's arms, in Minhyuk's arms. He thinks of Minhyuk, who he enjoys having around, who drives him insane, who sometimes makes him feel sane, who looks so great next to Hyungwon. 

Kihyun sucks in a deep breath and opens his mouth to answer, "Sleep."


“Where’s Hyungwon?” Kihyun finds himself asking two days later when he’s sitting on the couch, twenty three pages of hypothesis, research, and lazily put together analysis printed and sitting on his lap. He doesn’t know what drove him to ask, wasn’t even thinking about the hypnotic man who takes up so much space in a home that isn’t even is (who takes up so much space in Kihyun’s mind that even when he isn’t thinking of Hyungwon, he’s thinking of Hyungwon) and who he hasn’t seen since he went out for drinks with Hyunwoo.

At first, Kihyun assumed Hyungwon’s work schedule changed or that maybe he was over in those times Kihyun used the lab as a hideaway, but now it’s Friday evening and the absence of the kitten makes the apartment’s silence extremely loud. He hasn’t heard any shrill laughter or tiny meowing in days and he kind of, just a little bit, misses it.

Minhyuk hums and barely spares him a glance as he walks past to enter the kitchen.

The lack of reaction makes Kihyun swallow so hard it feels like he’s trying to inhale his tongue. Is it weird to ask, he wonders. Probably, especially after all that’s happened in the last few days.

He taps the end of his highlighter against the report in his lap as he listens to Minhyuk clink and clink around in the kitchen. Some minutes later, Minhyuk walks out with a fat orange mug in hand, steam curling through the air, and Kihyun clears his throat.

“Did...did he fix things with his roommate?”

Minhyuk blows at his drink, peering over the rim with a rather emotionless gaze. “No,” he answers. “I asked him to give you some space so he’s staying with a mutual friend of ours. Why? Do you miss him already?”


Kihyun’s brows tangle where they meet. “No? Why would I miss your boyfriend?”

“What does our relationship status have to do with whether or not you miss him?” Minhyuk quirks a brow, a drop of amusement brightening his eyes like a drop of milk in coffee. “I was under the impression that you were friends. You can miss having a friend around.”

Kihyun doesn’t realize his mouth is open until it’s snapping shut hard enough to make his teeth grind. 'A friend' echoes in his mind, fading and fading and then growing louder and louder.

Minhyuk blows over his drink again and snickers.He glances away for a moment before shifting his eyes enough to look at Kihyun from their corners. “Unless you miss Hyungwon as something more than a friend.”

Kihyun’s laugh scratches his throat like rocks. “I hardly miss him as a friend. I was just wondering is all.”

Humming again, Minhyuk tilts his head to the side. “Oh, Wonnie would be sad to hear that. He really likes you.”

Kihyun bites the inside of his cheek. He simply blinks at his housemate, wondering what Minhyuk is getting at — what word game is he playing and why?

Finally, Minhyuk takes a sip of his drink. “You know, Kihyun, sometimes I wonder if you’re a bigger masochist than me.”

“What do you mean?”

Minhyuk gives a small half shrug. Pivoting on his heel, he begins to walk away. “If you’re done freaking out, I’ll tell Hyungwon he can come over. He’s been complaining that the hoodie he stole out of your closet doesn’t smell like you anymore.”

“He what?” 

But Minhyuk has already disappeared down the hall, leaving only the sound of careful sipping in his wake.


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