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Letters to a Love Gone Wrong

Letters to a Love Gone Wrong | Minho x Kibum (Jonghyun x Kibum, Taemin x Jinki)
Angst // PG-13 (for the use of le mot douchebag, I suppose)
They were once a lovely couple, all happiness and rainbows. That is, until Minho changed. A collection of letters by Kibum about a love gone wrong.

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Where are we Headed?

Where are we Headed? // Taemin-centric, broken!2min, hinted!taekey
Angst // PG
1500 pictures, ten towers, one month, and an interesting stranger who can give Taemin the strength to believe again.

Written for challenge 15 at shawol_haven . Based off this picture and a result of looping the Coraline soundtrack for three days straight.


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Glasses Boy

Glasses Boy // Changmin x Jinki
College!AU // PG-13
There's this new student transferring to Changmin's college and when Changmin sees him out of the blue the sky turns pink and it's love at first sight. Sort of. A little awkward if you ask me. But hey, it works.

A/N: For acrosstherug and her(/his? idek) friend. Mmmm. Anyway, Happy (belated u_u) Birthday! I hope you both had a good one :D
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